North Caicos

North Caicos

North Caicos is the second-largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Known as the ‘Garden Island’, North Caicos is filled with lush vegetation and hills. The island is 41 sq. miles with a population of approximately 1500 residents. It is located 12 miles northeast of Providenciales and accessible daily by 25 minute boat ride by TCI Ferry service.

Wides Green Plantation

Freshwater ponds dot the landscape. You can find flamingos and other rare birds nesting in the protected wetlands surrounding the island. The island is comprised of 5 settlements: Sandy Point, Kew, Whitby, Major Hill, and Bottle Creek which are all accessible by smooth, paved, traffic-free roads. Take a guided tour around the island. There are tons of prime locations. See the exotic flock of birds at Flamingo Pond. Tour the haunting and well preserved Loyalist plantation ruins at Wades Green’ Plantation or gaze into the depths of Cottage Pond, a submerged sinkhole in the center of land that connects to the ocean.

International cave divers have mapped the sinkhole to a depth of 255 feet. In the settlement of Bottle Creek you will find our hand craft market. A true gem of a place, walking the streets of the town is a step back into time. See ancestral homes made of ‘tabby walls’, concrete made from burning conch shells to create lime.

These homes are still occupied by residents to date. Minutes away from the island of North Caicos is the luxury island of Parrot Cay- home to numerous rich and famous people of the world such as Donna Karen, Bruce Willis, and many more.

North Caicos is home to

  • Three Mary’s Cays Sanctuary
  • Pumpkin Bluff Pond Nature Preserve
  • Dickhill Creek and Bellfield Landing Pond Nature Reserve
  • Cottage Pond Nature Reserve
  • East Bay Islands National Park
  • Wades Green Plantation
  • Kew Farms
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